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Different Types Of Tea

Tea is a caffeinated potable drink that is most often served hot. Tea leaves, which come from the tea bush, are fed in hot water, which allows the flavor, and caffeine that is in the leaves to infuse with the hot water making it a potable drink.

Before the tea leaves can be steeped(to soak in a liquid at a temperature under the boiling point ,as for softening, bleaching, or extracting an essence) in hot water they must be processed. There are several methods to process tea leaves , and each method of processing the leaves we get in a different type of tea. tea leaves are processed by oxidation and drying.

green tea_munnar _kerala
Green Tea

A very lite amount of oxidation needed to make a green tea. This usually is done through steam or a low heat source. This tea only takes a day or two to process. To prepare green tea you usually just drop the processed leaves directly into a pot of hot water. The leaves will unfold to reveal their full shape. You can then use a filter to strain the leaves out of the hot water, or you can drink the tea with the leaves in the water.

Some people enjoy eating the tea leaves after they brew green tea. Although you can buy green tea that has been packaged in tea bags, green tea is best when it is brewed from the whole leaf.Green teas usually loses its flavour in one year.



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Oolong Tea 

Oolong tea is usually a darker tea because it has been oxidized more than green tea . It takes a few days to process oolong teas. Both green and oolong teas have higher quality. 

Oolong tea or “Black Dragon” is pronounced as woolong,Oolong tea is considered semi-fermented. If the leaves are slightly yellowed the fermentation process is stopped prematurely. When steeped, Oolong tea produces golden or light brown tea with a very delicate flavor resembling neither black nor green tea. 




black tea_munnar_kerala


Black Tea

To make Black tea, tea leaves have been completely oxidized. And it is very dark or red in color. The tea potable drink that is made from black tea is often red, but the dry leaves are black.

This is the variety of tea that most of us are familiar with. It comes in many forms, based on the region where it is grown or the herbs and flavorings added to the tea leaves. Black tea is generally stronger in flavor and contains more caffeine than the less oxidized teas. Black tea retains its flavour for several years.




white tea_munnar_kerala


White Tea

For the preparation of white tea there is no oxidation take place. White tea is a very rare tea. This is made from the youngest leaves of the tea bush. White tea is often expensive because it is so rare. white tea is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. It contains polyphenols responsible for the tea’s health benefits.

White tea is also unfermented, The unopened bud of the tea leaf are used to process white tea. The flavor is light and does not have the flavor or odor of green tea, but still have all the same healthful benefits.