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attukal waterfalls


Attukal Watterfalls

Attukal waterfalls located between pallivasal and Munnar.this waterfall is situated 9 km from Munnar. The place is also ideal for long treks.The falls which gushes from a water source located right at the top of a steep hill is the best place for a quite monsoon trip. Attukaal located just nine km away from the must visit hill station Munnar in Idukki district, falls from a hight of 60 ft forming a gurgling stream as it touches the ground. What attract tourists to the falls are the rocky areas around it which is ideal for hiking.







Power House Waterfalls

Power house waterfalls is located 18km from munnar, The waters cascade down a hill from a height of about 2000 metres.








Kuthumkal Waterfalls

Kuthumkal Waterfalls is an attracting place in Munnar .In there water falling directly on the rock due to this water mist found near the falls.this is a charming view for the visitors.








Periyakanal Waterfalls

Periyakanal Waterfalls situated on the way to aanayirangal dam from munnar.









Thommamkuth waterfalls

Thommamkuth waterfalls is a very scenic waterfall near Thodupuzha, in the southern state of Kerala, India and named after the great hunter, Mr. Thommachen Kuruvinakunnel, who let the world know of this beautiful waterfall in the jungle in the late 1920′s. Thommachen also played a big part in the discovery of the site for the Idukki Dam. It is one of the major eco-tourism centres in kerala and is a panchayat, belonging to Thodupuzha Thaluk in Idukki District, Kerala, India.

Thommankuthu waterfall is a seven-step waterfall located in forest. A trek of 12 km through the forests is possible. Thommankuthu is developing rapidly in the tourism field and its transport system.





Valara waterfalls

Valara Waterfalls which is near to the Cheeyappara Waterfalls. is located in between the two towns Neriamangalam the east side border of Ernakulam District and Adimali of Kochi – Madurai National Highway (NH-49). It is in Idukki district, Kerala, at a distance of 14 km from Adimali. The main attraction of this place is Valara waterfalls. Which is in the Deviyar river, a small river originating from western ghats, passing through Adimali Grama Panchayath. It is considered as one of the major waterfalls in Kerala state. The Thottiyar Hydro Electric project, the upcoming project by Kerala State Electricity Board is very close to this waterfall.Valara has chain of waterfalls surrounded by thick green forests.





Nyayamakad Waterfalls

Nyayamakad waterfalls is situated between Rajamala and Munnar,This place is 10km from Munnar, This is a place of breathtaking waterfalls. The water fell down from a height of about 1600 m.







heeyappara Waterfalls

The Cheeyappara Waterfalls is certainly a unique spectacle! The awesome scene of white waters cascading down from the top of a peak will remain forever in your heart as one of your most precious memories. The surroundings of the beautiful Cheeyappara Waterfalls are a great place where you can pursue a range of activities, foremost among these being trekking. The Waterfall is one of Kerala’s most magnificent waterfalls.